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AIMS   Applied Indigenous Mental Soundness

Elevated Leaders for Todays VUCA World

What is VUCA?

VUCA is a concept that originated after the Cold War and is now being used to describe the world we are now learning to navigate.

It is an acronym that stands for Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity.

VUCA has most likely touched your family, your business,

your employees and your leadership management.

Personal VUCA Training:

Kaizen Nexus Consulting will train you how to lessen YUCA impact for yourself personally and for those that are under your influence at home or in business by :   


 Implementing Agility Shift Strategies.

 Embracing Diversity with Mastery

 Creating Positive Complexity

 Developing Openness

Your VUCA world will become 

Vision Understanding Clarity Agility

 VUCA Leadership Training:

We will give strategies on how to shift from hierarchy to self organization on all levels of management.

We will show the great value and benefit of empowering your employees to make decisions and to have 'frictionless' communication.

We will give real Time Efficient Strategies to speed up productivity and create FLOW.

We accomplish this through proven Kaizen methodology which is used by major companies and governments around the globe.

It is our commitment to your business to develop the best leaders possible in this VUCA age. They will become Masters of Leadership.




For a Presentation of The VUCA  Project for your business please contact us.



Kaizen Nexus Consulting

Danni & Diggs primary focus is the enhancing and uncovering the positive inherent qualities residing in every individual.

The company is owned and operated by MT Diggs and Danni McKenzie who between them have over 60 years of experience in Personal Development.

 Diggs and Danni actively live the precepts of what they present to others in their continual search for improvement (Kaizen) and development strategies for the individual and corporations.


They serve clients through on-site training and personal consultation, public events and seminars, on-line consultation, Podcasts, video courses and the publication of print and electronic materials.


                       New PODCAST   

                              'On The Porch'

                                              hosted by

                                   Danni & Diggs

               Danni & Diggs explore and give insights on life today.

                           Ways of coping during 'now' and transitioning into

                    our  exciting lives ahead.

                             Info on start dates and how to partner in this event coming soon.

                             Watch For It !!

                        Online Webinar


                                 "Pure constant personality"

              Dates tba                     

           12 sessions that will change your perception of                       who you are and give you unlimited probabilities.

                          -Meet your Pc personality

                          -Behaviour imprinting

                          -Pure Quintessence

                          -Biology of Belief and more      


                    Danni:  403 308 3332

                                     Diggs:  403 715 9631  


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