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Repathing Thought


Michael 'doc' DIGGS


 Hi, I am Michael (Doc) Diggs

I want to introduce you to the concepts that I have developed over more than 3 decades. As a young man , I encountered many clients that  were trying to walk through trauma, divorce, financial struggles, grief and the list goes on. I did the best i could with the training I had to help guide people through the maze  of life's chaos and I felt I was helping.  When in fact the success rate of sustained mental and emotional soundness in my client was low. There were periods of stability and then the roller coaster of emotion and set backs. This in my profession is considered the normal human condition, that those who have suffered trauma must forever learn to manage the emotional pain and to never really be free from the debilitating emotions connected with the trauma or event.

I would not accept this and set my self to research and to develop  a mode of delivery that would create sustainable results for all people and all scenarios. The result is NEXUSGENICS.

It is a system that is not just for the counseling sector but also for business, personal success, health and wellness, spirituality, sports performance .... THIS IS FOR EVERYONE.  It will change your life...ONE CONNECTION AT A TIME.



NexusGenics is based on cutting edge developments in neuroscience combined with our exclusive methods of neural fusion techniques that are evolutionary.


thought 'repathing' is simply creating new neural connections to enhance those areas of thought that you want to be consistent, focus driven and sustainable.

                              Thought Enhancement areas

                           1) happiness

                           2) Hope

                           3) Faith

                           4) Love

                           5) wealth

                           6) Healing

                           7) spirituality

                    or any area of thought you want to enhance


  •     It is your choice on how you repath thought in your life.

  •     The brain is subject to your instruction, it will think the

           way you want it to think. 

  •    you shall no longer be a slave to past trauma and childhood imprinting            


The process is simply and effective

let's start today on repathing

30 min. introduction meeting

on line or face to face



call 403 715 9631



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