Coronavirus Anxiety Reduction Strategies


Coronavirus Anxiety Reduction Strategies

In this unprecedented period of global uncertainty, we felt it was necessary to put together a program to provide business, communities and individuals with much needed support.

CARS For A Healthy Workplace

This project for the workplace is focused on the management team and the needs of employees

as the anxiety and stress levels are at an all time high. This has effected production , customer service, employee interaction and  overall mental soundness in the workplace environment.

The CARS Project is designed to educate and to encourage the building of skills as your leadership and your employees navigate through the lessons and strategies. CARS will give  greater understanding of how stress and anxiety impacts our mental soundness and effective practical ways of better managing our emotions are the objective. A healthy workplace will be evident as the strategies are implemented into the workplace.

If you are reading this as an individual we can do one on one sessions as well. Contact our team and we will schedule a 30 min. interview at no charge.

Please message/email/call to book this for your business. 

Delivered by ZOOM format or Covid-responsible environment as deemed by Government regulations or policy.

email :  kaizennexus@gmail.com  or message or call  

403 715 9631

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