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Welcome. My name is Michael Diggs and the beautiful lady next to me is Danni McKenzie.

our hope is that your interest will be aroused in the programs that we offer and that we could start a great working and mutually beneficial relationship with your organization.  we are highly trained in our field and can design  specific targeted projects for all levels in your organization, from band members to staff.

Kaizen Nexus Consulting has developed aboriginal directed programs in collaboration with learning institutions and with  specific departments from several First Nations Bands, in Alberta and Saskatchewan.


  • Lateral Intolerance ( lateral violence)

this workshop is to explore the origins of lateral intolerance toward the indigenous people of Canada and initiatives of how we can lessen the effects of lateral intolerance in our communities and workplaces.


  • Money Management Mastery

this workshop is to help with Budgeting strategies for those on fixed incomes. Included are the dynamics and benefits of budgeting, getting started with practical application, essential life skills of budgeting, time budget for life scheduling ( time management) and nutrition on a budget.


  • KNC Organizational Management

this project is designed for staff to create Productive Work Environments by the use of Kaizen Principles and Lateral Feedback Strategies. This workshop is very effective in creating positive communication between staff members and in the enhancement of relationships with other departments.

  • Indigenous Pathways to Empowerment

Transitional strategies are developed to help individuals in the process of attending higher education or employment in other communities.

The project helps to identify possible unilateral intolerance

( discrimination , racial, gender etc.) and also to have cultural safety strategies in place.


  • Rising Futures Project

Designed to develop Life Strategies for Career and Education. Included are essential life skills, employment portfolio, computer skills, job searching, introduction to NOC, career mapping and motivation.

 this a Career/Employment Initiative enhanced with our unique brand of Kaizen and LEAN Transformation. This project is designed to get individuals moving again into positive directions who through life circumstances have become 'stuck'. This project has great success in its mandate with measurable results.

Prior and Current Clients


Kaizen Nexus Consulting as a First Nations owned and operated company has a mandate to bring sustainable improvement strategies to The People. 


The proceeding list are some of the organizations that we have contracted for:


  • Northern Lakes College

  • Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology

  • Roads to Agriculture

  • One Earth Farms

  • Loon River Indian Band

  • Blood Indian Band

  • La Ronge Indian Band

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