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NexusGenics Training Institute

NexusGenics Training Institute is dedicated to training people in the process of 'repathing thought' for optimized living. Repathing thought is an exclusive mode of manipulation to train the executive function of the brain by introducing strategies to encourage positive neural connections and neural fusion.

First Step

 Neural mapping to assess your thought path

Second Step

Neural Interruption strategies exclusive to NexusGenics

to reset the brain.

Third Step

Creating New Paths

Fourth Step

Sustainability of Repathing Thought

NexusGenics will give you the tools you need to overcome the barriers that have been stopping you from moving forward into the life you know you deserve.


In Person Training

Family Enhancement

Personal Neural Mapping


Repathing Groups

      Grief  and Trauma

Virtual Training


Online training is becoming more popular. As technology improves and online services become more numerous, many people will start to prefer working with a trainer from the comfort of their own home rather than face to face.

On-line training can be both convenient and a cost effective option. A consultation with one of our professional trainers can help you decide if on-line training would be a viable option for you.




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We Guarantee Results ... Because We Are Confident That Our Approach to Repathing Thought is a Powerful Force.

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