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Master the Chaos

Letter from the author


Welcome to your first step at mastering the chaos we call life. Or perhaps you have already subjected yourself to a plethora of  self help books and stacks of insightful literary creations trying to grasp the elusive beast with not  much success... I’m guessing that’s why your reading this book. But that’s ok ...we have all been there, at least those of us who want to comprehend and understand or at least come to terms with the beast and the Spartan-like obstacle course that seems to be our lives. Constantly going under, over, through, uphill, belly crawling our way through the muddy waters of uncontrolled and random situations. I’m here to let you in on a well guarded secret...that is not how life is to be actually . Yes, that is a truth that you just read and that may go against everything that everyone has told you, what life has imprinted upon your soul and mind...that life is a series of hardships with the occasional vacation. That my friend is not a life well lived.

  For 50 years I have pondered life and followed the shadow of the beast.  For as long as I can remember I have been a seeker and sought my path and many times leaving the safety of the known and venturing off into uncharted waters. Came close to drowning more than once and at times discovered treasure.  My thought was always...there must be more that I am not seeing, some common direction and a flow of common purpose for all.

My conclusion or perhaps epiphany is that ...Life is Chaos.

Well, that’s very deep Michael...( sarcastic grin)

Yes, Life is Chaos but the secret of the beast that is it

not to be captured but for you to have mastery over.

Chaos is the materials of dreams fulfilled. Surprisingly,

Chaos is the structured framework of a life of greatness.

Hope I have created some interest. See you at

the end or the beginning maybe I should say.   


M.T. Diggs

  Coming Chapters

Chapter One

         The Beast and I

•Chapter Two

    Hello Darkness my Old Friend

•Chapter Three


•Chapter Four

   I Want You to Show Me

•Chapter Five

        Life is Chaos

•Chapter Six

   Conversations With the Beast

•Chapter Seven

      Embracing the Chaos

•Chapter Eight

      Peace With the Beast

•Chapter Nine

     Mastery of the Chaos

•Chapter Ten

      Continual Growth

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