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Kaizen Moments With Danni ... How to Create a Kaizen Nexus Life!!

What is a Kaizen Nexus Life? Simply put, a Kaizen Nexus Life is the implementation of small changes that create continuous improvement. Everyone knows that running a marathon is really hard. But we can run to the end of the block. We can all lose 1 pound....50 pounds is way too hard. Spring cleaning your home is overwhelming. Making your bed is doable.

If we continue a new behaviour long enough it becomes a habit. Habits are easy..they are things we do without really thinking about them. If you woke up this morning and decided to lose 50 pounds, by lunchtime you will have probably already quit. But if you decided to lose a will most likely still be on track by bedtime.

Small sequential changes to perpetuate continuous improvement....are you ready?

Check back for the Kaizen Nexus 30 day challenge that will begin your transformation.

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