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Summer time ....and the livin' is easy.....and so is the weight gain! As the temperature does our temptation for cold refreshments ...from ice cream to ice tea to ice capps! The hotter it gets...the better they taste!

Until.....September rolls around and the reality of schedules and routines kick in and we realize we might have put on a pound or ten! The pressures of returning to routines and trying to get your fitness back in line can seem overwhelming.

That's where 'Danni's Fitness BOOM Evolution' comes in. By allowing me to guide you through your fitness journey I can show you how to get not only your exercise and nutrition back on track, but utilize the strategies I teach you to improve every facet of your metron life.

What can we do so we can still enjoy ourselves without becoming a balloon? I keep lots of ice cold bottled water in the fridge...then I make a deal with myself....'you can have that *fill in the blank*, if you drink a bottle of water first. Once I'm done the water, rarely do I still want what I thought I was craving. I don't feel deprived either because I had permission to have it...I just chose not to.

Everyone wants easy and convenient for summer how about a southwest chicken salad...but wait...that's 480 calories...ok maybe a Mediterranean chicken salad...but that could be 460 calories.....and even worse is a chicken and bacon ranch salad....checking in at 540 calories...and how does that make sense when a burger and fries comes in at 455 calories? Try not to be fooled by the flashy advertising...know what you are eating and what it really contains. Knowledge is power....especially when it comes to the calorie debate.

Don't waste another minute....sign up now and get the life you want in the body you deserve.

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