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But it's so easy for you..

if I had a dime for every time someone said that to me! I might make it look simple...eating right, exercising regularly, getting enough rest....but in reality it is no easier for me than it is for you to 'do the right thing'. All it takes is willpower....wrong!All it takes is a clear vision of where you want to go and how you are going to get there. That's the tough part! Too often people say I want to be fit. Or I want to be healthy. Or I want to lose weight. But that is where they stop. There is no clear picture of what that goal actually looks like. If you don't know what the finish line looks will you know when you've arrived?

WWYD? Start saying that to yourself throughout the day. What would YOU do....if you were fit? What would YOU do ...if you were healthy? What would YOU do ...if you lost the weight.

If you start living the life you want to achieve, you will achieve the life you want to live.

From the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning start to think about what the goals you have set look like...start

acheiving them step by step.....broken down into Kaizen moments. This is your life..what does it look like?

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