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crashing into a crisis...

A crisis can feel like we are being thrown out of a crashing car....the pain ..the shock...the agony ...can feel completely overwhelming. When will it all end a question we all ask ourselves? How much more can I take?

The answers and the solution to this situation lie within ourselves. It is ok to crash once in awhile, because that crash can lead us to the next, better version of ourselves. We have all heard the expression " one door must close for another door to open" . Well, sometimes we need to slam that door shut....and occasionally we catch our fingers in it as we do....hence the extreme pain we feel as it happens.

So now what? We've slammed the door. Our fingers are throbbing. How do we cope? Sometimes the greatest learning comes from the struggles and failures we all encounter as a crisis. How can you create your 'new' normal from this debris?

Find certainty. Although it may feel like there is none...there is. Look around at what you are sure for it and you will see it.

Find joy. Look hard and long for something to make you smile...a friend...a funny movie....a tiny seed will blossom.

Find meaning. Perhaps you had to crash to start a new direction. Look for the new path that has opened up.

Find purpose. This is the achievement of a state of being. If your purpose is to be happy...create it.

It's ok to crash occasionally....from the rubble will come a new start. Create it.

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