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But I don't want to go to the gym...

but I do want to get or stay in shape. Too often we have an 'all or nothing' mindset...if it didn't happen at the gym's not a 'work out'! That is by no means true! Bodyweight training is a great way to break out of a rut of 'same ole', same ole' Ever hear of 'functional fitness'? That is simply real life movements that help your body prepare for real life. Things like you get out of a chair or off the couch....sit ups help you sit up to get out of get the idea...

What can be better when it's cold outside...or snowing and unlike me, you just don't happen to have a fully equipped gym in your house....body weight training'!! Think about the might curl 20 lbs dumbells in the gym...but your body weighs more than that, so imagine the extra work you are doing.

So what's stopping you from having a workout right this minute? Stand up and do some jumping jacks, follow that up with some squats or about some burpees to really get that heart rate up?

You are in control of your health and happiness. Any barrier or excuse you might have set up for yourself is completely destroyed by the convenience, versatility and effectiveness of body-weight training.

Isolating a single muscle on a machine is no match for the calorie burning bonus you get from incorporating the multiple muscles required to do bodyweight training. Look at a push up...bicep, tricep, shoulders, core, back, glutes and legs. Some muscles might be working harder than others, but everyone was invited to the party.

The variety never ends...staying at a hotel for the holidays? Incorporate the stairs into your work out. Watching tv with the family, use every commercial break to do another set of push ups or sit ups. Got alot of relatives visiting? Create some challenges...most squats in a row or most burpees completed. The only limit is your imagination....let it run free! Now go dig those runners out from the back of the closet, lace them up and start working out.....

5 minutes from now, you'll be glad you did!

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