'marathon is marathon'...

That is a very interesting statement I just read...by a marathon runner of course! But, it rings true for anything. Life is Life! Stress is stress. Work is work. Complaining, postponing, avoiding, making excuses....none of those behaviors change what you are going through. Stress is just that...stress...it's not a mountain to climb or an ocean to swim. It's just stress and all you can do is deal with it. You can't make a marathon into a 10km...or a 5 km into a marathon. So rather than trying to pretend that what you are doing is anything but what you are doing...just do it! Exercise is not a death sentence. Life focus is not quicksand. Stop starting and start finishing. All too often we make a mountain out of a molehill. Not because what we have to do is so immense, but because we are afraid to start. We allow ourselves to be stalled by all the 'what if's' rolling around in our heads....what if I don't do a good job.....what if it doesn't work......what if no one likes it.....what if I look funny....? The list goes on forever. Usually all the negative outcomes we could possibly imagine manifest in our heads, why don't we let the positive outcomes over rule them? Perhaps if we play that tape recording in our head of 'what if it works'? .......what if everyone loves my idea......what if I look great......?

So the next time you have a project to do or task to start.....try saying to yourself.....It's just a task, not a mountain....I'll just go ahead and start. I'll worry about the 'what if's ' later. It will be interesting to see how many more tasks you get done with this kind of thinking. Give it a shot. What if it works?

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