Women's rights are Human rights

I am thrilled and honored to be invited to speak at the upcoming conference at Piwapan Women's Centre for International Women's Day in LaRonge, Saskatchewan, on March 8 & 9,2018.

I have spent my life empowering people to realize their full potential. From the roadblocks I have encountered on my journey, I draw strength and conviction to share with others. As a woman, I understand the double standard that we are up against....living in a world that will exploit you if you are weak and yet despise you if you are strong! Finding a balance of keeping the softness and compassion that makes up a woman while carving the strength needed to create a new reality for herself and her family is the basis of my teachings.

Women's rights and Human rights can be one in the same....to be treated with equality and dignity, living a life free of discrimination. We all know this is not always the case, but every revolution was started by one person with a voice and a belief. As women, we need to unite our voices and work towards a united world. We are often told to not make waves or don't cause a fuss, but if we are to make a change we need our voices to be heard. Having lived in many different countries, I have discovered that women every where are very similar. We share many of the same struggles and successes. But, at the very root of all that is the need to first believe in our own power...with dreams comes hope...with hope comes action....with action comes success.

I give you permission ...to dream!

Learn how to Dream....and how to Believe .....by joining me at the International Women's Day conference or book a workshop for yourself through our website.

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