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Having just spent International Women’s Day presenting to the ladies of LaRonge and surrounding area, I was once again reminded that no matter where we come from or where we are going to…..our basic core is much the same… women, we are concerned about our families, our communities and our world.

Regardless of what we have gone through we all still want to believe in a brighter future. We want to believe that our children will be provided for and protected. We want to believe that our communities will continue to provide a safe place for us to raise our children, pursue education and achieve our career goals. We want to believe that our world is not as big and disconnected as it might sometimes seem. Whether we travel to the four corners of the earth or decide to stay close to our birthplace…..our dreams are the same. We want to be loved, respected and treated fairly.

We want to be free to make choices to pursue our dreams. We want to be free to believe in ourselves.

We all just want permission ……to DREAM…… BELIEVE.

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