Hanging on by a thread...

Some days you just don't want to get out of bed.....but what if those days keep piling up on top of you?

Everyone has a little speed bump now and then. But ...what if that speed bump keeps growing and growing...

What can you do if one thing lands on top of another and another and another? Michael and I have been faced with just that scenario over the past 4 months. One minute we were happily moving along ....business building slowly, personal lives flowing, income steady....everyone healthy and happy. Then suddenly ....the bottom fell out of our world.

One hit after another...Michael's son was hospitalized, my mom followed days later....this started a domino effect ....contracts had to be postponed, arrangements had to be made to accommodate these illnesses......life just seemed to spiral out of control until everything hit rock bottom with the passing of both his son and my mom within a month of each other.

It would seem to be too much for 2 people to handle, but like everyone else....quitting is not an option.

The only option is to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep moving forward.

This is where the true focus of Kaizen Nexus comes into play. When it seems there is no way out, you take a step back, look at the big picture and start to rebuild. You create a new focus from the ground up and you start to rebuild.

Not only do we teach these principles, but we utilize them ourselves . We have begun our rebuilding through taking one small step at a time. Like returning to writing my blog. We are committed to using the events of the past to create a stronger future.

So no matter what life throws at you....you can survive and conquer it. One small step at a time.

Let us help you rebuild.

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