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Rose colored glasses....

Life is 10% what happens to you...and 90% how you react to it. I'm not sure who to credit that to....but they are right! React or's entirely up to you.

I have often used the analogy that the sun will rise every can choose to be happy or you can choose to be miserable.....either way...the sun will still come up.

As Michael and I are coming upon the year anniversary of losing 2 people that meant the world to us....we are faced with the reality of our loss. We can't change the events of last spring....there is no way to have a 'do over'. All we can do is to continue to move forward.

Every day people are faced with situations that can make or break us. Whether in your personal life or your professional life, as long as you interact with other humans, situations will arise. Your response to each and every one of them will decide your life outcome.

Some days it would seem easier to stay stuck in the anger and hurt those encounters have created. But, in the long run, those thoughts only add to the pain. Holding on to past hurts or feelings of anger, simply keeps you stuck in that moment. I prefer to try and look at the world through "Rose Colored Glasses". As the song says" Everything looks rosy now...." it might just be an expression, but it's also an easier way to see the world and things that have happened. Just like the filters on a camera that soften the images, so can your thoughts. Look back at situations not with hurt or anger, but soften the edges to just see the good times or even some of the sadness, but don't get stuck there. Use those memories to fuel you forward. Take whatever good you can from every event. Have you ever looked at an old black and white photo? You might see the people and assume the good feelings associated with them. The sadness or hardships don't come through that picture.....make everyday like that. Focus on the good, look for the happiness....view the world through rose colored glasses. It doesn't mean hurt or sadness won't simply means we don't have to dwell there.

After a long, cold hard winter....spring is coming. Choose to be happy.

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