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Spring Awakening

After an exceptionally cold, hard winter the warmth of spring and the bright sunshine is a welcome relief . On the long drive home from Saskatchewan to Alberta at the end of March....winter seemed to have disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. There were practically no signs of the mounds of snow that had blanketed us for so many months. The thermostat continues to rise daily...and with it a renewed sense of hope and promise. Spring fever is what some might call it...I prefer "Spring Awakening". "Coming into awareness of something". With spring comes the promise of many new grass on the lawn, new flowers in the beds, new buds on the trees...many animals have their babies in the spring.....the examples are seemingly endless.

Our hearts and our heads also experience an awakening in the spring. With the sunshine comes a feeling of promise. We begin to look ahead with optimism and excitement. We begin to dream and plan. This is the season of renewal. This is the time to start to put forth to the universe what you have been thinking about all winter. As the days get longer and the air becomes warmer, our thoughts become more positive. Now is the time to put those hibernating plans into action. It's time now to take those "what if's"and ïf only's " and store them away like those winter gloves no longer needed. There's no room for doubt and uncertainty in this season of renewal.....This is the time...and you are the one!

What extra weight have you been carrying for the winter? Physically and mentally? Now is the time to get out from under those shackles and move towards your future. Go outside. Soak up the sunshine. Move your body. Allow your mind to wander and lead you towards your next step.

This is your season of renewal...grab on with both hands and soar!

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