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Enough is enough, but now what?

Wow! You did it. You took a hard look at what you were doing. You accepted that what you were doing was not getting you closer to your fact ....whatever it was, was actually a 'brick wall' to your success. what? Now that you have identified the road block how do you get around it? Like an obstacle you need to go over, under or around it?

How do you let go of that old familiar blanket? That trusted comfort that has been beside you for so long.....despite it actually being a bad luck's hard to let go. It's so easy to justify staying stuck. I've had clients who justify their lack of weight loss with the excuse 'well, I have to eat to live.' True. But exactly what part of 'eating' is not working for you? Or, I would apply for that job but I'm too shy....ok...but how's that working for you so far? Or I want a better relationship but my partner doesn't listen to me. Ok....but how are you talking to him/her?

The key here is to evaluate what parts are not working for you. Yes, you need to eat to live. But, do you need to eat as much? As often? What parts of eating are the roadblocks? If you're too shy to try something, think about times when you are not shy.....what can you do to make those uncomfortable situations feel more comfortable? What can you do to be heard? How can you communicate more effectively?

How many times have you said "I can't because ...."...fill in the blank. You can but you haven't really tried effectively. I'm not saying you haven't tried....I'm sure you have..but were your efforts effective? Or whole hearted? Were you truly focused and single minded in the result you wanted to achieve? The only difference between success and failure is getting up one more time than you get knocked down.

If you have a goal you're trying to achieve and nothing seems to be working, let's take some time to reevaluate. Let's take a good hard look at this something I really want? How hard am I willing to work for it? What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve it? Take some time to look deep inside and answer those questions honestly. Then we can start to move forward into your success.

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