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In just 10 minutes a day...

Got you to look, didn't I? Who doesn't want a quick fix....for anything!? But do we really? Do you really want to just get that "participant" ribbon for your life ? Or do you want that "First Place" trophy ? We all think 'if I just had a magic pill to be be skinny' or "if I was just born rich"....everything would be perfect. But, would it?

Success without effort is like that participant were there, but you didn't really compete.

The' over night successes' we often hear about are usually the result of years of effort finally being recognized. Rock stars and movie stars alike have often spent years waiting tables to survive while relentlessly pursuing their dream.

But, what if I told you I do have the secret to success, and it only takes 10 minutes a day? Would you think I was trying to sell you snake oil? I do have the secret and it's not snake oil.

The real secret is focus. In just 10 minutes a day....first thing in the morning, last thing at night and repeated as necessary through out the day.....if you keep your eye on the prize you will achieve it.

There are steps required to set your goals in motion. But once that momentum is created, then focus will keep you moving towards them. Much like water running down a hill, your successes will continue to grow, picking up speed on the way down. And if you keep asking yourself 1 question "Is this moving me towards my goal?" staying focused will become easier and easier.

When your feet hit the floor in the morning...ask yourself "What will I do today to move towards my goal?"

When looking at tasks throughout the day, ask yourself "Is this moving me towards my goal?"

Last thing at night before going to sleep, ask yourself "What did I do today to move towards my goal?"

In just 10 minutes a day, repeated as will succeed!

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