Giving credit where credit is due...

We are quick to acknowledge everyone...What a great job you did! What a fabulous house you have. That's a fantastic car you bought. You look great in that outfit. We congratulate our significant others, our kids, our co-workers ....which is a great habit to have.But, have you acknowledged the most hardworking person in your life?

''Who is that?" you ask. Take a look around you...who is always right there beside you...through thick and thin? Who is up in the middle of the night with you when you can't sleep? Who feeds you when you're hungry? Gets you water to quench your thirst? Reminds you to put on a jacket when it's cold, or get some shade when it's hot? Who always knows what you need or where you need to be or what you should have done? Who is always matter the time or place....who always tells you " you got this" ?

Have you figured it out yet? That one person who is always there is you. Through thick and thin, good times and are there.

Take a moment now to take a good look in the mirror, put a big smile on your face and say "What a great job you're doing" to that person smiling back at you. I'm glad you get me up every day. I appreciate you making me get dressed every day. And for making me get the things done that I need to every day. Thank you for getting me to this place that I need to be right now.

I have been writing these blogs for quite awhile now. In my quest for new ideas each time I start to write, I'm always looking forward to create something new and exciting to share, I don't usually look back at what I have already done. Today I did just that. I looked back at some of my first blogs.....and suddenly thought to! You're pretty good at that. And in that moment, I had an idea.

We need to remember to acknowledge our own skills..regardless of what they are. I'm going to practice what I preach..I'm going to look in the mirror....and I'm going to tell myself " you are so creative, what a good job you've done".

And I challenge you to do the same.....look in the mirror....think of something you're good at....perhaps so good that you simply take that skill for granted....and tell yourself..."Good job. You did great! I'm proud of you! " I think you'll appreciate the acknowledgement.

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