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Am I connected?

Ask anyone these days if they are "connected"..and they will tell you "of course I am....I have my cell phone, my facebook, my twitter, my instagram, my can I not be connected? I have "warp speed internet" ..."unlimited data" and on and on they will list all the fabulous things they have at their disposal to get and stay connected. But, are we really?

Are we really connected to ourselves? What have you done for you lately? Are you connected to your family? When is the last time you sat down to a meal, with no cell phones at the table? Are you connected to your friends? When is the last time you saw them ....just to say hi?

Most importantly, are you connected to your dreams? When is the last time you checked in with yourself? When is the last time you thought about the path that you are on?

Maybe you aren't sure of the path that you are "meant "to follow. How do you figure that out? That's where "connections" comes in.

What is the definition of connection? It is the action of linking one thing to another.

Is your day to day life linked with your dreams or goals? Is your career linked with your vision? Are your thoughts linked with your current pathway?

Maybe you are not as connected as you thought you were. Maybe your not sure how to connect...or what to connect to?

Let us help you with reconnecting to your pathway.

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