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But.......what if it works?

All too often that voice in our head says "but what if it doesn't work?" How many times have you said that to yourself? I could apply for that job...but what if it doesn't work? I could try that sport...but what if it doesn't work? I could go on that date...but what if it doesn't work?

People are always amazed at all the things I do.....I'm a Red Seal Licensed Stylist, I'm a Personal Trainer, I'm a Group Fitness Instructor, I'm a Scuba Instructor Trainer, I'm a Motivational Speaker., I've run a marathon, competed in Bodybuilding contests....the list goes on and what makes me so different from you? Why can I do all these things? How do I not only start but finish strong in everything I do? What is the magic answer that propels me to completion?

It's simple.....I say to myself...."But what if it works????"

Of course like every other successful person I have tips and tricks that make success a more manageable goal. There are always steps and methods that need to be followed to achieve any goal, but the root of any of them is the belief in yourself.

This is where "CONNECTIONS " come in. If you are not connected to your your your your your can you propel them forward?

Why not join me on November 9 at 11 am at CASA for our Kaizen Blitz Experience? Think about it....What if it works? What if I get my dream back? What if I reconnect with my vision ?

Text "what if" to 403-715-9631 for a chance to win free tickets to the experience that will change your life.

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