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Fantastic Friend Friday

Do you have a fantastic friend? Do you have someone that you know you can always count on if you need something in a pinch?

What is a friend? The dictionary defines it as 'someone who knows you well and likes you alot, someone you trust. Do you have someone like that in your life? How long have you known them? How did you meet? What keeps you together as friends? What do you do to keep your friendship strong?

Strong friendships need to be cared for and cultivated. They need to be 'tended to' like a rose garden. If you expect them to blossom and survive the harsh winters , you must put in the effort to nurture them.

But , what if you don't have that fantastic friend? Often we have good friends that share a common thread with us for a time...a work buddy, or another sports parent or gym pal. But,those are really just transient friends ...not ones that are likely to last a long time or through thick and thin with you.Although great buddies at the time, often you both just slowly drift apart.

So how do you 'cultivate' a fantastic friend? You need to find a connection with them that transcends a simple hockey game or gym session. You need to develop an understanding of each other that goes deeper than a simple 'how was your weekend?" conversation at the water cooler on a Monday morning.

Developing deeper connections with your friends comes from developing deeper connections with yourself. When you are honest and open with yourself, you are able to offer a truer version of yourself . Are you ready to create a fantastic friend? Or do you already have one? We'd like to invite you and your friend to develop a deeper understanding of each other and your self by joining in on our Kaizen Blitz Experience on November 9 at CASA. To get a free ticket for you and your friend, simply text your name to us at 403 715 9631 for 2 tickets to Connections.

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