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Why are we all so disconnected?

As the countdown is on until Michael and I host our Kaizen Blitz Experience, there seems to be a common theme floating around. As we have been out and about, talking with people about our upcoming workshop, we hear the same thing again and again. There is a huge amount of disconnect going on.

People are not venturing out as much as before. Shoppers are fewer and more reluctant to buy. Even as we just attempted to introduce ourselves at times, people almost seemed fearful of interacting with us. The common thread with shop owners was that business was down 25% or 40% or even 50 % over the last year to two years. As we know every thing is circular, so less shopping turns into less staff needed which turns into layoffs, which turns into families struggling , so back to less shopping.

What can we do to stop this domino effect?

It would seem that our Connection Experience couldn't come at a better time. We need to reconnect. We need to reconnect with our family, and take the time to go for a bite to eat and sit there with our phones in our pockets and our attention on each other. Or instead of supporting a foreign conglomerate, why not get that really unique piece from a local merchant, who in turn will eventually need more staff to serve all the local shoppers, which will contribute to the eventual upswing in our economy.

This disconnect is not something that can be remedied by some politician miles away from us. It is something that we need to address. We need to reach out to our neighbors and help them. We need to shop local and support our local businesses.

The connection begins with you. Am I connected with myself? My family? My community? If not, what can I do to remedy that? And who can I bring along with me?

If you feel as I do and you want to reconnect now....send me a msg saying "connect" and I'll send you 2 free tickets to our upcoming event on Saturday Nov. CASA.

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