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The strands that connect us...

In our "Connections" workshop Michael and I discuss the strands that we develop through interaction with others. Often we are unaware of these strands connecting to us, but , if you have ever been inexplicably drawn to someone at a function...then you have strands in common with them. This can be a good thing if you are on a positive path and they are as well. This is not so good if they are on a negative downspin as they will pull you into their spiral.

Many times we are not aware of strands forming as we go through our daily routines but every interaction that you have with other people can create a strand, and the more time spent and thoughts shared with them, the bigger the strand.

Even when we move apart from them, strands can stay attached. When we have distanced ourselves from negative influences we might feel like we have "cut ties" with those people, but unless we do something intentional to sever the ties, they can remain connected long after they have moved away from our immediate circle.

The definition of a strand is " a line consisting of a complex of fibers that are twisted together to form a thread.." That is why, when we give too much of ourselves to someone, they somehow stay connected to us. When random thoughts or words tied to them pop into our heads, it is through the strands that are still connected to us. The one hurting remark made by an ex-boyfriend, or a snide remark uttered by a past coworker, that plays over and over uninvited in our subconscious.

Fear comes in with strong emotion, and to be released must also exit through strong emotion. We have all heard of people doing symbolic actions such as burning their marriage certificate after a divorce, or cutting up photographs of someone you no longer want to be associated with. That can be enough to sever their hold on you. Everyone is different and each connection is unique, but the result can be the same once you acknowledge the strand and decide to remove it.

If you would like to learn more about removing negative strands or want us to help you remove some, then contact us. Or if you want to share your experiences with us, please do! Stay tuned for more on the positive aspect of strands.

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