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New Year..New You?

Almost the end of January....seems kinda late to be writing about " the new year"....or " new years resolutions"....but to be truly honest...this year I'm struggling with the whole idea of 'creating ' a new me. I actually kinda like me these days. I'm not sure I want a new me. Maybe this is the year that I decide to be me.....only more me!

Instead of focusing on the "me" parts that I'm not happy with....what If I focus on the 'me' parts I do like...and be more of them. I am a good friend....what if I strive to be a fantastic friend? What if I set a goal to reach out to a friend , see how they are and actually listen to them? Just listen.

I am a motivational person...what if I motivate more people? What if I make an effort to say 1 uplifting thing everyday to someone who simply crosses my path?

I am a happy person...what if I strive to laugh more? What if I make an effort to make someone laugh everyday? Or at least a big smile?

I am a caring person, what if I made an effort to "pay it forward" every chance I get? Open a door, say hello to a stranger, compliment someone out of the blue?

How many of us when we're driving somewhere avoid eye contact with the next car? What if we just smiled at them? Try it. Just a simple " Have a good day " kinda smile. See what happens. Let someone go ahead of you in line at the store or coffee shop. See what happens.

The list could go on and on....I have alot of good do you! What if this year we strive to be more us? More of all the good things that make us unique and yet the same.

Imagine if everyone made a resolution to be more happy, more caring, more positive, more kind? The possibilities are endless, aren't they?

So, get out there and be more of all the good things that you already are!

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