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We are all one....

I thought January went fast...but that's nothing like how February disappeared! A whirlwind of driving , teaching, coordinating and trying not to catch a cold! Then, suddenly we received a phone call out of the blue......which is what has given me the idea for this blog.

Nothing is ever a coincidence. There are no random encounters. Everyone crosses our path for a reason. We might not know why at the time, but eventually we learn the reason why.

Several years ago, Michael and I participated in the Alberta Teachers Convention at the University of Lethbridge. We met many interesting people during our time there. Apparently, we made an impression on one attendee. Fast forward 3 years, we get a call asking if we can supply Saipoyi Community School with gratitude rocks for their upcoming Literacy PowWow. No problem....except we are in Northern Saskatchewan in the depths of no visible rocks here....especially not 400 of them as requested!

When a request like that comes to you, you have no choice but to comply. So we found the rocks, and took them to another level. With rocks and paintbrushes in hand , Michael and I offered our program participants the opportunity to send a message of peace and love from the Cree in Northern Saskatchewan to the Blackfoot in Southern Alberta.

When I (unexpectedly) personally delivered them to the school, the beauty of the painted rocks overwhelmed them. Most of the rocks were painted but some were not, leaving them opportunity to decorate them their way as well.

And at that moment, listening to the "ohs" and "ahs" over the beauty, I came to realize that we are all one. It doesn't matter where you live or what 'group' you identify with, we are all one. We all care for our families, our children, our earth...we are all one. We see beauty and are beautiful all as one. Remember that as life speeds by , we are all one.

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