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the Zombie Apocalypse

Occasionally I return to my previous blogs to remind myself of thoughts and feelings I had as I experienced events. Imagine my surprise, when after a lively discussion with Michael over the current turn of events, I glanced upon my blog from November 2019 regarding a " Zombie " life. For quite some time we have been using the Zombie symbolism in our workshops. It resonates with many as they are trying to navigate the tumultuous waters of their daily lives as they seek to discover their real purpose.

In a nut shell, too often we are living a zombie life, just going through the motions of living, but really only following the pack. Prior to Covid 19, we saw many just following the path of " keeping up with the Jones's" . Collecting and hoarding as many material belongings as they could, not even knowing why they needed a bigger house, a faster car, the newest phone or game. But, not unlike the zombies chasing after brains, they continued to relentlessly pursue more symbols of wealth and stature.

Suddenly, the rug was pulled out from under our feet. I was dumbfounded when I went into a store in Northern Saskatchewan, only to see a completely empty shelf where the toilet paper normally was. The news broadcasts about Covid 19, had barely begun up there and yet, the panic had set in and the Zombie Apocalypse was in full swing.

Daily we see the zombies rushing from store to store, enveloped in fear, " I need supplies": "I don't want to get sick" ' I don't want to be left out' . "I don't know what to do.' " I don't know what to think ." .

And yet, we have all the instructions we need to keep us safe. A revelation has been given to us, we simply need to open our minds to the opportunity being handed to us.We have choices to create a new " normal" for ourselves. We can walk away from the zombies and become the survivors. It's time for a paradigm shift. Stay connected with us as we help you to navigate your new reality.

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